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Registrations for SEPTEMBER 2024 will be open May 25th.  

Our Choirs



Our Choir Program Levels:


Young Singers 

As our youngest group, this is a great place to try out singing with other young boys. This one-hour weekly class is designed for music activities, and to have some fun exploring basic music concepts. Pitch matching is practiced in every class through having the boys participate throughout the time. All of the learning takes place through musical and movement activities which also encourages motor skill development, preparatory reading skills, and many other developmental milestones. *There is no volunteer bond at this level.


Intermediate Choir

Our Intermediate Choir is made up of youth in grades 3-5. They range in ability from boys that have already spent some time in the Young Singers to any new boys that join the organization. In this group, we continue to expand their vocal skills to include two and three-part music, more complicated rhythm and note reading, and the start of becoming more independent in their choral singing. This group also gets the chance to develop some leadership skills as they partner with the Young Singers for some of their songs and to model a great singing sound for the younger group. 


Concert Choir: 

This is our most advanced group. The boys in this group have usually spent some time previously in the Intermediate Choir, preparing the skills needed to join the Concert Choir. In the Concert Choir, the boys are expected to have some independence in their singing sound, reading music, and are able to maintain their part with two or three (or more!) other parts going on around them. These boys are given many opportunities to develop their leadership skills as they demonstrate good vocal sound and lead our younger groups in some songs for each concert. Due to their independent ability, we are able to learn a large amount of repertoire and have some flexibility in picking appropriate pieces when asked to do an extra performance. This group rehearses twice a week so that we are able to cover large amounts of more advanced repertoire. The boys stay in this group until they have mostly completed their voice change. 

Changed Voices:

Once the boys have successfully navigated the majority of the way through their voice change, they are able to join our most mature group of singers, made up of tenors, baritones and basses. By this point, the boys (young men!) have learned to control the new sound that they are now producing and are able to both sing in pieces for changed voices only, as well as singing in their changed voice sound along with our Concert Choir members to create an SATB ensemble. These boys also become leaders within the group and help to work with the younger members in a leadership role. Conducting opportunities will also be available to these members, should this prove to be something they are interested in trying out. 

Weekly rehearsals take place at

Marda Loop Church, 

1638 30 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 1P4

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