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Registration and Membership Information

Weekly rehearsals take place at Marda Loop Church, 1638 30 Ave SW Calgary, AB T2T 1P4

Calendar Dates to note: 

-Term 2 rehearsals start January 17 2024!

Registration for January 2024  is now open. Please contact before registering.  


Calgary Boys’ Choir VOLUNTEER INFORMATION 2023-2024 Season

**The following information and requirements are for full-year enrolment.  These requirements have been prorated for new members starting in January, please contact us for those details**


We are able to keep our tuition prices low and provide an enriched program experience for our choristers through the help of our wonderful volunteers. Our volunteer bond and time commitment expectations are lower than many other organizations, but essential to our success and survival! Remember that parents, grandparents, and friends can all contribute to the bond required hours on your chorister’s behalf.  Each Intermediate, Concert Choir and Changed Voices chorister family is required to fulfill: one casino shift, two bingo shifts, and additional volunteering adding up to 4 points (see below).  


  •  I will provide a Volunteer and Bingo/Casino Bond deposit of $500 Due by September 30 2023, or after two rehearsals, whichever comes first, which will be reimbursed at the end of the term if all requirements are met, or can be carried to the next year if returning and all requirements have been met. 

  • This bond will be forfeited if the chorister resigns from choir before the end of term or before the requirements are met.  

  • Choristers who join later within the season will still owe the bond but  volunteer hours and bingo requirements will be appropriately prorated.


Please see below for examples of opportunities to fulfill your volunteer bond. 

Choose ONE position from section A or 2 positions from section B. 

We will be sending out an email poll where you can let us know what you are interested in. 


Volunteer Options A: Choose 1 (4 points)

  • Board of Directors (positions vary every year) (President, Treasurer, Secretary, Member at Large, etc.)

  • Operations Coordinator-Vacant

  • Fundraising Coordinator 

  • Marketing Coordinator-Vacant

  • Volunteer Coordinator

  • Bingo Coordinator

  • Library, Wardrobe, and Storage Coordinator- (full season) Vacant

  • Casino Coordinator-Vacant 

  • Social Media Coordinator (with General Manager)-Vacant

  • Tour Coordinator 


Volunteer Options B: Choose (2 points each)

  • Camp Volunteer (Day only for Junior helper, weekend for Senior)

  • Rehearsal Monitor (2 months of rehearsals per volunteer)

  • Workshop Monitor  (2 workshops per semester)

  • Community Event Monitor x2 (such as farmer’s market mini-concerts)

  • Concert Monitor (dress rehearsal and concert)

  • Concert Fundraising Assistant

  • 1 additional bingo shift

  • Library, Wardrobe, and Storage helper (full season)

  • Concert Photographer

  • Other talents, videography, help with programs etc.


Other volunteering needs that arise will also be credited towards this volunteer program.


Fundraising options –


**For every casino attended, your chorister will receive a $250 rebate towards tour fund, camp, or workshop fees

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