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Please fill this form out for your Chorister, and yourself if you are volunteering, before every rehearsal or event. 

Our Covid Protocols


Calgary Boys’ Choir COVID-19 Protocols


As of Aug 31, 2021:


  • All members are to remain masked upon entrance to Knox Presbyterian Church, throughout all singing and breaks. In order to unmask, participants must be outdoors. Directors are welcome to take their choirs outdoors for as many mask breaks as necessary.

  • All members will be sufficiently physically distanced from each other. This means at least one meter in between each chorister, and possibly even two meters if space allows.

  • Rehearsals may take place outdoors, at the discretion of each director. If rehearsal is outdoors, participants may be unmasked, provided physical distancing is observed at all times

  • All high touch areas (door handles) will be sanitized periodically throughout the evening. The general manager will keep track of this. 

  • All boys must sanitize (or wash their hands with soap and water) upon entering the building and prior to any breaks.

  • Indoor rehearsals must have a minimum break of ten minutes every fifty minutes. In this break, participants must clear the room. 

  • Enhanced ventilation has been added to the system at Knox Presbyterian Church.

  • Any windows in the rehearsal rooms will be opened for the duration of rehearsal to further enhance ventilation. 

  • Participants will be required to complete a COVID-19 screening questionnaire prior to coming to rehearsal as well as a health check at the door when they arrive.

  • Any families where a participant has come down with COVID-19 will be required to report this case to CBC, CBC will then in turn share information with families that their child may have been exposed. 

  • All current Calgary Boys’ Choir staff are fully vaccinated for COVID-19

  • All parent volunteer monitors will be required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19

  • We will continue to monitor what school boards in our area are doing, as this is most likely our best guide at good practices as things continue to develop. 

Weekly rehearsals take place at Knox Presbyterian Church, 

3704 37 St SW, Calgary, AB T3E 3C3